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August 2020 Archives

Why your employment classification matters

When you go to work, clock in and do your job, you expect your New York employer will pay you fairly for all hours worked. Unfortunately, it is common for hourly workers to find they are not getting the full amount of wage they deserve because their employer misclassified them. This is not something to which you may give a lot of thought until you find you're not being paid fairly.

Two outdoor diners injured in car accident

Outdoor dining is increasingly becoming the norm in New York. Many diners now see eating outside as a safer option than inside a crowded restaurant. Unfortunately, eating outdoors is not without its own unique dangers. A recent two-car collision injured two people who were enjoying an outdoor dinner at New York restaurant as well as one of the drivers.

You can appeal a denied disability claim

If you are unable to work because of a disabling medical condition or mental impairment, you understand the devastating financial implications firsthand. When you can't earn an income, you cannot provide for your family, take care of your basic needs or even save for emergencies. This is why you applied for benefits through the Social Security Administration. You may have been hopeful when sending in your claim, only to be devastated when it came back denied. 

What safety hazards could leave restaurant workers injured?

Certain jobs come with certain risks, even ones that may not seem especially dangerous. Working in a restaurant may seem relatively low risk, but it may surprise you to learn that there are actually quite a few hazards that can leave these employees with painful injuries. If you work in the food service industry, you should be aware of these risks so you can keep yourself as safe as reasonably possible.

Do I need Social Security Disability Insurance or SSI?

Securing benefits for your disability is essential for your financial future. But if you are confused about the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Insurance, you are not alone. SSDI and SSI are often used interchangeably in New York even though they are two different programs. The Social Security Administration -- SSA -- runs both programs which share the same general requirement, so it is easy to get the two confused.


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