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June 2020 Archives

Workers' compensation defense -- not all claims are valid

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she can apply for workers' compensation benefits. These benefits include compensation for things like medical bills and lost wages. But is every claim justified? There are some New York workers who try to take advantage of this system by applying for benefits when they do not actually need them. Having a robust workers' compensation defense is essential for small business owners who are dealing with this situation.

Returning to work after suffering from a job-related injury

If you suffered injuries in an accident at your place of work, you know how this event can change your life. In addition to the pain you are experiencing, you may be unable to work, unable to pay your bills and unable to manage the costs associated with your accident. This is why workers' compensation benefits exist – to support employees who need help after a work accident.

Crane collapses are often preventable

Those who live and work in New York are no strangers to the sight of cranes on construction sites. Cranes of all sizes can be irreplaceable tools for lifting and moving equipment and materials weighing tons that workers may otherwise have no way of getting where they need them, including onto the roofs of tall buildings.

Distracted drivers are everywhere -- can you spot them?

Do you recognize distracted driving when you see it? Like other people in New York, you can probably pick out drivers who are texting, calling or even watching videos on their phones. Distracted drivers are not always easy to pick out, though. This is because drivers have been struggling with dangerous behaviors since long before cell phones came around.

Construction accidents -- forklift accident kills worker

Working in construction is a rewarding career path for many men and women in New York. However, it can also be dangerous. Construction accidents can seriously injure or kill workers, even when they are taking every possible safety precaution. These accidents are more than just stories that show up on one's news feed for an hour or so -- they involve real people whose lives and loved ones are deeply affected.

Personal injury -- understanding car accident injuries

Variables like speeding, distracted driving and even weather conditions influence the severity of a car accident. These variables can also influence victims' injuries, including the type of injury as well as the severity. Here are just a few of the serious car accident injuries that can affect virtually anyone who is involved in an accident, and may lead to personal injury claims.


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