Help for small business owners without workers’ comp insurance

You probably never expected to face the possibility of shutting down your business. Unfortunately, New York state law does not look kindly upon business owners who do not have workers’ compensation insurance. You may even be facing criminal charges on top of closing up shop, but having a firmer understanding of your situation can be helpful for minimizing potential consequences.

Like many other employers, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board might have discovered your lack of insurance because of a workplace accident. This is generally because an employee reported a related injury. You will still have to face the legal implications of not carrying workers’ comp insurance even if the employee was dishonest about his or her injuries.

It is also possible that the Department of Labor found out that you were not carrying the correct insurance while investigating other matters. But sometimes the discovery comes from somewhere much closer to home. It is very possible that someone connected with your business or a current or former employee reported you.

The cost of not carrying the right kind of insurance is quite steep. The court often orders employers to pay tens of thousands of dollars in penalties, which is only the tip of the iceberg. The state of New York can also hold you — in addition to your business — responsible for paying benefits to your injured employee.

There is little time to spare when facing such serious consequences for not carrying workers’ compensation insurance. Speaking with an experienced attorney may be one of the most helpful actions for better understanding your criminal charges and potential penalties. To learn more about your options for protecting yourself and your small business, be sure to visit our website.