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April 2020 Archives

States consider expanding workers' compensation for COVID-19

In April, we called on New York lawmakers to expand workers' compensation protections in the wake of COVID-19. We believe workers' compensation benefits should be available to all workers who were likely exposed on the job and who subsequently become ill, or, tragically, lose their lives, regardless of whether their claim is easily defined as an accident or occupational disability. 

How can you prove you are a victim of medical malpractice?

When you turn to your New York doctor for medical help, it is because you trust him or her to provide you with the appropriate support and treatment. Like many others who go to the doctor, you believe what your doctor says and adhere to the recommended treatment plan. It can be devastating when things go wrong in your treatment, resulting in addition pain and suffering. 

Staying safe while working on scaffolding

Working in the New York construction industry can come with certain risks, especially if you have to work from heights. You understand how important it is to have the equipment and training necessary to do your job as safely as reasonably possible. You have the right to expect your employer to do certain things to keep you safe, including providing equipment, support and education.

What do you need to get back to work after an on-the-job injury?

An on-the-job injury can leave you in pain and dealing with financial loss. If you are unable to work, you will miss income as you stay home and recover or recover in a hospital. Even a minor work-related injury can cause major complications for your New York family. This is why workers' compensation insurance exists. 

Personal injury: New York drivers to file their own crash reports

Getting compensation for injuries after a car accident can be essential for recovery. Personal injury claims are useful for getting that compensation, which can be used for things like medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses. Successfully navigating a personal injury claim involves demonstrating the other driver's negligence or recklessness, and having a police report can be handy for doing so. However, a new rule in New York City means that some drivers will be responsible for filing their own reports.

Workers' compensation: Is Tesla hiding injured workers?

The auto industry can be a difficult but rewarding sector to work, but it can also be quite dangerous. New York auto workers have to rely on their employers to provide necessary safety equipment, training and other relevant information. Unfortunately, some auto manufacturers seem more focused on profits than worker safety.

The risks you face if you work in the health care industry

If you work in the health care industry, you probably don't expect to need medical support yourself because of something that happens while you are on the clock. You got into your profession because you wanted to help people and make a difference in the world, but in reality, health care is actually one of the riskiest professions. You may actually be at risk of harm every time you step foot inside where you work.

Does your rheumatoid arthritis qualify you for disability?

If you watched a parent or grandparent suffer with rheumatoid arthritis until reaching the state of debilitation, you may have promised yourself you would not allow that to happen to you. Unfortunately, RA is an autoimmune disease that turns your body's own defense systems against you. You may struggle to remain active with medication, diet and home remedies, but eventually, your joints may become misshapen or fused. As a result, you could lose your mobility.

Vocational rehabilitation after a permanent work injury

If you suffered a serious injury on the job, you may be grateful for the benefits you have received through your employer's workers' compensation insurance. Workers' comp likely covered your medical bills, supplied a portion of your lost wages and covered the cost of physical therapy. This took a load off your mind and prevented your family from struggling while you got well.

Three Klein Law Group attorneys named in 2020 Super Lawyers

We are very proud to announce that three of our attorneys have been selected for inclusion in New York Super Lawyers for 2020. David Klein, Darren Rumack and Xian Lei have all passed the stringent eligibility requirements and been peer-selected for their accomplishments in workers' compensation law.


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