Driving too fast can lead to tragedy

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When you think of the potential causes of motor vehicle accidents, you may rightly think impaired driving and distracted driving are near the top of the list, and you would be right. Distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of senseless deaths each year. Drunk drivers kill tens of thousands. However, one factor is often present in both drunk and distracted driving accidents, and that is speed.

Speeding does not necessarily mean traveling faster than the posted legal limit. It means driving faster than what is safe for the conditions. In New York, rain, snow, fog and traffic congestion can be just a few of the reasons why driving a bit slower may prove the safer choice. Unfortunately, too many drivers make a different choice, and this often results in tragedy. Perhaps you have recently been the victim of an accident involving a speeder.

Why do speeders speed?

Everyone gets busy, and it is not unusual for people on tight schedules to make up time by driving faster. Perhaps you have done this yourself. Running late for an appointment, to pick up a child or to get to work can make a driver impatient and even aggressive, which can be dangerous when combined with excessive speed. However, running late is only one reason why someone might speed. The speeder involving in your accident may have had any of the following excuses:

  • Frustration because of slower-moving traffic
  • A sense of detachment from the world and anonymity behind the wheel of a vehicle
  • A feeling of invincibility, especially if the driver regularly drives too fast without negative consequences
  • Boredom and complacency, especially if the driver is on the road frequently
  • An attitude that the laws do not apply to him or her

You may already know the terrible consequences of speeding. A driver going too fast is more likely to lose control of the vehicle and will need more time and space to bring the vehicle to a stop to avoid a crash. A crash at high speeds reduces the efficiency of the safety equipment in your vehicle. A speed-related accident is more likely to result in greater property damage and more catastrophic injuries.

If you have suffered life-changing injuries or lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone driving too fast, you may be trying to rebuild your life while wrestling with many questions. One important question is how to achieve a sense of justice for your pain and suffering. By speaking with a skilled attorney, you may find a way to meet your goals.