Construction accidents: Worker injured in fall

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Construction Accidents

Construction workers face a lot of on-the-job risks, especially when working at significant heights. Employers should always provide their employees with proper safety training and equipment for facing these kinds of risks, but avoidable construction accidents still happen in New York far too often. These accidents rarely have good outcomes.

A 30-year-old construction worker was recently injured while working at a New York construction site. Although he was injured in a fall, he was actually working on the fourth floor of a building at the time of the accident. In order to maneuver a water pipe into an opening on the building’s outside wall, he had to lean out of an open window, from which he ultimately fell.

He was apparently not wearing any safety gear that could have prevented the fall. Police were the first responders on the Orange County scene, and one of the officers gave the victim CPR while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. He was then transported to an area hospital where he was last listed as being in serious condition.

Even though most people understand that there are certain risks involved with any job, few probably expect to ever have to deal with things like construction accidents. This means that a victim who recently suffered an on-the-job injury might not know how to pursue workers’ compensation benefits or understand just how difficult the system can be. To avoid any delays in applying for those necessary benefits, it can be helpful to first speak with someone who understands the New York workers’ compensation system.