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March 2020 Archives

Who is eligible for minimum wage and overtime pay?

When New York employees clock in at their place of employment, they have the right to expect they will receive fair pay for the hours they work. For certain types of employees, this means getting overtime pay and minimum wage. Employers have the responsibility of paying employees fairly and on time. Part of this includes properly classifying workers. 

Construction accidents: Worker injured in fall

Construction workers face a lot of on-the-job risks, especially when working at significant heights. Employers should always provide their employees with proper safety training and equipment for facing these kinds of risks, but avoidable construction accidents still happen in New York far too often. These accidents rarely have good outcomes.

Do you qualify for Social Security Disability?

An illness or accident can quickly change your life. Those things that were once second nature may become impossible tasks, and you may even find yourself depending on others to get through the day. If this sounds like your life, you have likely made or are preparing to make the difficult decision to stop working. This is not an easy choice because bills still require payment.

Driving too fast can lead to tragedy

When you think of the potential causes of motor vehicle accidents, you may rightly think impaired driving and distracted driving are near the top of the list, and you would be right. Distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of senseless deaths each year. Drunk drivers kill tens of thousands. However, one factor is often present in both drunk and distracted driving accidents, and that is speed.

Coronavirus y Compensación para Trabajadores

Este terrible virus que está impactando nuestra ciudad, estado y país está presentando muchos nuevos problemas de discapacidad y seguro de salud. Habrá mucha incertidumbre en las próximas semanas y meses, pero estaremos investigando constantemente formas de proteger la atención médica y ingresos de nuestros clientes durante este terrible momento.

Coronavirus and Workers' Compensation

This terrible virus that is decimating our city, state and country is posing many new disability and health insurance issues. There will be much uncertainty in the weeks and months to come, but we will be constantly researching ways to protect our client's healthcare and income during this terrible time.

Workers' compensation for heat illnesses and injuries

The temperature might still be cool, but warmer months are just around the corner. While some people might look forward to warm weather, construction workers have to worry about their own safety. These workers frequently spend their summers working outside, often without adequate protection from the sun. Heat-related illnesses can develop very quickly in this type of situation. What workers might not realize is that workers' compensation can help.

You deserve fair pay for overtime hours worked

When you are on the clock, you expect that your New York employer will pay you for the hours you worked, including overtime hours. If you are an employee paid on an hourly basis, it is likely that you are eligible for overtime pay. This means you should receive time and a half for any hours you worked over your normal time. 


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