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February 2020 Archives

The other driver didn't have to be legally drunk to harm you

When you think of drunk drivers, you may be like others here in New York and elsewhere who picture that stumbling, red-eyed individual who obviously had at least one too many. While this individual would certainly present a serious danger on the road, a driver does not have to be quite this impaired to pose a risk.

Workers' compensation: USPS fired injured postal workers

Getting hurt at work can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. Workers should be able to rely on their employers to do the right thing as they take the necessary steps to file for workers' compensation benefits. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because they cannot count on their bosses, injury victims in New York should be sure to understand what their rights are when it comes to workers' compensation benefits. This is especially helpful for those who think they might not qualify for benefits if they are fired.

Recognizing the signs of misdiagnosis

You may be one of those people who seeks medical advice whenever something doesn't feel right. On the other hand, you may frustrate your family by avoiding the doctor at all costs. In either case, if your confusing and persistent symptoms found you sitting on an examining room table, you were probably hoping for answers and advice.

Workers' compensation: Office workers get hurt, too

Most people know that working on a construction site or in a factory is dangerous. It is easy to spot the workplace hazards in these environments, but that does not mean all dangers are easy to spot. Office workers get hurt too, and they can seek workers' compensation just like people who are working in more physical industries.

New York Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury: Fighting Insurance Companies - We Take No Prisoners!

You had an accident. It wasn't your fault. Maybe your work place was dangerous. Maybe your boss failed to give you safety equipment. A scaffold collapsed. A ladder broke. An elevator fell. A roof caved in. Now you're in pain and can't work. Your life has changed. Maybe forever.

Keeping workers safe from illnesses caused by silica exposure

One of the most important roles of a New York employer is prioritizing the safety of all workers. In many types of work environments, this means minimizing the risk of an accident and making sure workers know how to safely do their jobs. In certain types of work environments, this also means that workers are not facing exposure to certain types of toxic materials, such as silica.

What can you do after a denied disability claim?

The inability to work can affect your family in many ways, particularly regarding your finances. It's not easy to pay for what you need and support others who depend on you when a physical or mental disability keeps you from earning a gainful income. If you are in this situation, you may have grounds to move forward with a disability benefits claim. 

Common employee injuries in the restaurant industry

Every job comes with certain inherent risks, and everything from a desk job to construction work involves at least a minimal risk of experiencing an injury. However, there are certain jobs that may come with a slightly higher chance of resulting in an injury. This includes the restaurant industry, which may be more dangerous than you ever assumed.


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