Were your Social Security Disability Insurance benefits denied?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | Social Security Disability Insurance

Living without financial security compromises a person’s well-being and standard of living. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can help build that sense of security for people who are not able to work. Unfortunately, people who qualify for SSDI benefits are frequently denied the benefits they need. Understanding why a claim was denied can be helpful for filing an appeal.

Most SSDI claims are denied when they are still at the first stage of the process. The Social Security Administration — SSA — can deny claims for any number of reasons, including believing that a person’s disability is not all that severe or will not last at least 12 months. A person’s claim can also be denied if his or her disability was caused by drug or alcohol addiction.

But just because the SSA thinks someone can continue just fine without disability benefits does not make it true. One method for challenging a denial is to provide new evidence during an appeal. Things like medical history, diagnoses, prescribed treatments and responses, clinical findings and even laboratory results are good examples of compelling new evidence. A doctor’s report can be especially compelling for supporting this information.

Everyone in New York deserves to live with a sense of personal dignity. But this is impossible without a secure source of income. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be that source of income for people who simply cannot work or otherwise support themselves. Since these benefits are so important, a denied claim should not stand between a person and the help he or she needs. If the appeals process feels overwhelming, speaking with an experienced attorney can help.