Speed is often the deadly factor in an accident

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For some drivers, the ever-increasing speed limits on highways in New York and across the country are never fast enough. While you may understand a driver speeding because of an emergency or even excuse someone who is late for an important appointment, the fact is that many drivers go faster than the posted limit simply because they enjoy going fast or because they do not think the rules apply to them.

Of course, this leaves you and your family in a vulnerable spot. In the past year, over 9,000 people nationwide died in accidents related to speed. This number may seem high to you, but it is actually a 6% drop from the previous year. Nevertheless, the statistics don’t matter when it is your family suffering the grief of life-changing injuries or the loss of a loved one because another driver would not slow down.

The tragic outcome of speed-related accidents

Sometimes speeding has nothing to do with the posted limit. When it is raining, snowing or icy, even the absolute speed may be too fast for safe travels. Road repairs, darkness and other factors may increase the danger of driving fast. Common sense tells you when it is best to slow down, but not every driver exercises common sense behind the wheel. The consequences of this include the following:

  • Speed-related accidents generally cause more expensive damage to your vehicle.
  • Accidents caused by speeding drivers are more likely to result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  • The safety features in your vehicle are less likely to work effectively when speed is involved in a collision.
  • There is a greater likelihood that a speeding driver will lose control of the vehicle.
  • The faster a vehicle travels, the more room it needs to stop once the driver realizes there is trouble ahead.

Speeding is often related to aggressive driving. If a driver is frustrated because of road construction, heavy traffic or the slower pace of other drivers, he or she may express that frustration by hitting the gas.

Unfortunately, too often such incidents end with innocent people suffering injuries or the tragic loss of life. You may be facing these consequences now, and the injustice of it may weigh heavily on you and your family. Many in this situation seek legal advice about pursuing compensation through the civil courts. While money can never take away the pain and suffering, it can allow you to seek the medical care and other consolations that may help you regain your life.