Social Security Disability benefits for mental health issues

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2020 | Social Security Disability Insurance

It is not uncommon for New York residents to only think of physical ailments when they consider what it is to have a disability. A paralyzed body or a terminal illness may be easily identifiable as disabling because others can readily see the challenges that the suffering individual faces. There are, though, many disabilities that are invisible to the naked eye, but may affect victims as pervasively as apparent ones.

Mental health illnesses and disorders can be serious, destructive and disabling. An individual may be controlled by impulses or thoughts that effect how they behave and interact with others. Those impulses may keep them from engaging in regular activities, caring for themselves and others, holding down jobs.

For example, anxiety can take on many different forms and may seriously affect the lives of those who live with it. While many people cope with bouts of anxiety from time to time, victims of anxiety disorders may not be able to leave their homes, disrupt their patterns or form meaningful relationships with others. Victims of depression may harm themselves, lack energy and focus and be unable to follow through on the commitments that they make.

Mental health disorders and illnesses should be discussed with readers’ medical professionals as this post does not provide any diagnostic or medical advice. When a mental health disorder effects a person’s ability to work, they may have a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. They may then benefit from researching their options and what steps they must take to file a disability insurance claim.