What is a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Personal Injury

Serious injuries to any part of a New York victim’s body should be managed and treated by trained medical professionals. The information contained in this post should not be used as medical advice or diagnostic analysis. Readers should always talk to their doctors and personal injury attorneys about any harm or clams that they wish to pursue in court.

One type of serious injury that can result from a multitude of personal injury accidents is a traumatic brain injury. As one can guess, traumatic brain injuries occur when victims suffer harm to their heads. Traumatic brain injuries can happen when an object penetrates the skull and reaches the brain or when the brain is injured in an impact incident.

Not all traumatic brain injury victims will suffer the same effects of their injuries. For some, the harm may be temporary and may resolve quickly. Individuals in this category may suffer mild concussions without losing consciousness and may have little to no pain. More serious traumatic brain injuries may result in long-term pain and cognitive disturbances, limited use of one’s senses, emotional changes, coma, and even death.

A traumatic brain injury can impact the long-term health and wellness of a victim. Their injuries may endure for years or may resolve over a short period of time. However long that a person must cope with the side effects of their injury, they may suffer a range of losses related to their health, happiness, and employment. Some of their losses may be compensable as damages and may be pursued through litigation based on their traumatic brain injury.