What should a victim do after a construction accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Construction Accidents

Construction workers face a range of dangers each day that they go to their job sites. The size and weight of the materials they use, the power of the machines they operate, and the nature of the work they perform all introduce unique and hazardous conditions to their work responsibilities. Across New York, many construction workers have suffered painful and life-altering injuries while doing their jobs.

When a construction accident happens and a worker is hurt, there are some important steps that they may consider taking to ensure that they have safeguarded their rights under the law. However, when an accident happens it is always important that a worker seeks medical attention to have their injuries cared for and their general health evaluated.

As soon as they are able, construction accident victims should tell their employers about their incidents. They can communicate the date and time of their accident, who was present, what happened and what injuries the worker suffered. A worker who is able to document their accident through photographs, the identification of witnesses and other sources of proof should do so to support their future claims for compensation.

Workers who wish to pursue litigation in order to seek the recovery of their accident-related losses may consider reaching out to personal injury attorneys who represent victims of construction accidents. These professionals who work with the laws that may control victims’ claims may have useful suggestions for how victims should handle their pending legal matters. More information on construction accident litigation should be sought from legal professionals as this post does not offer any legal guidance.