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October 2019 Archives

Social Security Disability -- You Paid For It, You Deserve It!

If tragedy strikes and you are disabled from performing any work due to an accident or disease, you may file an application with Social Security for what are usually called "benefits," but what we think of as your right to a reasonable living wage when you are too disabled to work.

What should a victim do after a construction accident?

Construction workers face a range of dangers each day that they go to their job sites. The size and weight of the materials they use, the power of the machines they operate, and the nature of the work they perform all introduce unique and hazardous conditions to their work responsibilities. Across New York, many construction workers have suffered painful and life-altering injuries while doing their jobs.

The consequences of surgical errors can be catastrophic

Medical malpractice is the area of personal injury law that concerns mistakes and errors committed by doctors and other medical professionals. It is an unfortunate truth that many New Yorkers suffer harm at the hands of practitioners who are charged with helping their patients improve their health. One of the most common situations where medical malpractice occurs is during surgery, and this post will briefly address some of the ways that mistakes may happen on the operating table.

Is your employer paying you for all the work you do?

No one understands the saying "Time is money" better than an hourly employee. If you clock in, log in or sign in to start your shift, you understand the impact every hour has on your paycheck. You also know that after you work 40 hours in a week, your hourly rate goes up, and this may be incentive to pick up extra shifts.

Fighting for fair pay for overtime hours you worked

New York workers have the right to expect fair pay for the time they work. Along with other rights, you are entitled to fair treatment from your employer. This includes rightful payment for overtime hours. Unfortunately, many employers are concerned only with their bottom line, and they may try to avoid getting you the pay you deserve. If this is happening to you, you have the right to fight back.


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