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September 2019 Archives

Why might a workers' compensation claim be denied?

Not all of the workers' compensation claims that New York residents file are approved. In fact, many claims for workers' compensation benefits are denied because they lack specific and necessary information. When preparing to file one's paperwork to seek workers' compensation it is important that individuals know what they are doing and that they can seek support from attorneys who work in this area of the law.

Spinal injuries and their long-term consequences

The spinal cord is an integral part of the nervous system. It runs through the back body of an individual and is contained in the spinal column. The spinal cord transmits information from the brain to the rest of the body so that it can move, react and fully function.

The dangers of falling objects on the jobsite

There are many hazards found on a construction jobsite. Among the potential dangers is the possibility of falling objects. A wrench dropped from a couple hundred feet can strike with the same force as a small car striking a one-square-inch area. It doesn't take a large object to cause a severe injury when it's dropped from great heights.

SSDI and SSI: Preparing for and appearing at your ALJ hearing

At our New York City law firm, our attorneys regularly prepare disabled clients for administrative hearings before administrative law judges, called ALJs. The ALJ hearing is the third level of consideration by the Social Security Administration or SSA of a claimant's application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income, known respectively as SSDI or SSI.


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