Fatal Bronx accident adds to NYC’s construction death count

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This weekend, a worker in the Bronx was killed by falling construction equipment. In what the New York Post calls a “freak accident,” the worker was welding a piece of metal on to a bulldozer when a piece of the equipment fell on top of him.

The 47-year-old recycling center employee died at the scene, adding another tally to New York’s rising workplace death count. Construction accidents, injuries and fatalities are on the rise in New York – despite ongoing efforts to make worksites safer. According to CBS, work site fatalities have risen 33 percent compared to five years ago and injuries are up 221 percent in the same period.

The dangers of falling objects

This accident highlights the risks of falling objects on job sites. Given the seriousness of these accidents, OSHA has specified safety guidelines to prevent these accidents whenever possible:

  • Wear hardhats in the presence of all overhead work.
  • Secure tools and equipment when they are not in use.
  • Stack materials carefully to maintain balance and avoid falls.
  • Use OSHA-compliant guardrails or toe boards on scaffolding
  • Wear eye and face protection when appropriate
  • Mark work zones clearly for visibility of both pedestrians and workers

No matter how cautious workers are, sometimes dangerous working conditions make accidents unavoidable. Workers who have concerns about workplace safety or their legal rights should contact a trustworthy attorney promptly.