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August 2019 Archives

What does it mean to be disabled for SSDI?

A disability can be a life-altering condition that affects a person's general health and their ability to perform or complete everyday tasks. When a New York resident suffers from a disability they may be able to seek financial support from the Social Security Administration. Before a person may collect benefits from SSA, though, they must be able to demonstrate that they are in fact disabled.

NYC construction workers to be repaid stolen $6 million

A structural-steel fabrication company based in Queens has admitted to cheating construction workers out of millions of dollars from 2013 to 2017. In one of the largest deals the New York Department of Labor has ever struck, the company has admitted its history of wage theft and will pay the workers the money it owes them.

Slip and fall accidents can be serious for victims

Falls are a common cause of injuries for New Yorkers. While many of the trips and slips that individuals suffer are self-inflicted, others result when property owners fail to maintain their premises and individuals who come upon their land are hurt. When individuals are harmed on other people's property, they may have rights to sue for the recovery of their damages.

Help for those navigating the disability benefits process

A disability, by definition, limits some of the actions that a person may undertake on their own. As previously discussed on this blog, disabilities can be physical or mental and can affect individuals of all ages. When a New York resident suffers from a disability that inhibits their ability to earn a living, they may be able to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.


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