Equipment accidents on New York construction sites

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Construction Accidents

Many different tools and pieces of equipment may be used when a New York construction project is started. From tiny nails and screws to massive cranes and trucks, the building materials, electrical machinery, and additional hardware that must be on hand to complete the project can be extensive. When equipment and tools are properly handled and individuals are trained to use them, many equipment accidents on construction sites can be avoided. However, not all accidents of this nature arise from operator mistakes.

In some cases dangerous equipment may harm construction workers because of defects. Just as consumer goods can be dangerous and can harm those who use them, construction equipment can also be dangerous because of manufacturing, design, and warning defects. Problems of this nature often are related to product liability law, a form of personal injury law based on problematic products.

For example, if a drill malfunctions and causes a worker to suffer electrocution, an assessment of the accident may reveal several things. It may show that the worker was trained to use the drill and that they followed the proper protocols and instructions when setting it up. It may demonstrate that the worker properly used safety gear and took all precautions to avoid harm.

If the drill malfunctioned because it was not made well or suffered from a flaw in its creation or design, it may be the maker of the drill who is responsible for the worker’s losses. There are many exceptions and factors that may influence the outcome of worksite products liability claims, and as with all personal injury legal matters it is a good practice for readers to contact trusted attorneys for answers to their pending questions.