Deadly crashes raise concerns of limousine safety

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They’re big, long and noticeable. It’s okay to think limos would be safe. Catastrophic events have led some to think otherwise. One limousine accident in New York in 2015 claimed the lives of four women and led to serious injuries for four others when the limo was hit broadside after the driver decided to make a U-turn.

Another limo crash in 2018 led to the death of 20 individuals when the limo driver blew through a stop sign and ran into a parked SUV causing the limo to be thrown into two other pedestrians and landing in the ditch.

These life-altering crashes have led to a deep dive into the safety of these luxury vehicles. Riding in limos often means a lack of seat belts, which in limos, aren’t required by law, partying and moving about the vehicle while it’s in motion.

Speaking to a local New York CBS affiliate, Dave Lipsky, who inspects limousines for the New York Department of Transportation (NYDOT), cites that poor infrastructure led to many of the deaths.

Lipsky stated, “So what they do is put a beautiful bar in there, beautiful seating, and all the amenities to have the niceness, and put the weakness in the infrastructure.”

The crash bar installed in many custom limos are hollow and small which leads to little or no resistance in a crash. New York Senator Chuck Schumer has been steadfast in calling for tighter regulations to improve limousine rider safety.

Take your safety into your own hands whenever possible to make sure you have the best chance of making it home in one piece.