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July 2019 Archives

Not all bike helmets are created equal

Summer is here, and New York City is home to many excellent places to ride a bike. While the city has many dedicated bicycle paths, like Manhattan’s Hudson Greenway, where you won’t have to deal with traffic, a lot of time riding in the streets among a barrage of vehicles is inevitable.

Fatal construction injuries are common in New York City

Steep heights, the possibility of unsafe or unfamiliar conditions, and the use of heavy machinery, equipment and materials make the life of a construction worker in New York City a dangerous one. Though a vital and readily-available position for those looking for work, a laborer faces constant threats to their safety and well-being.

Biking in New York City still growing and still dangerous

The messenger who bikes for a living is an iconic emblem of Manhattan. We New Yorkers have ample opportunities also for recreational, human-powered, two-wheeled sight-seeing, either by grabbing a Citi Bike or hiring a pedicab. Statistically speaking, the city also has a respectable share of biking commuters. But, honestly, we bike to work like an average American city.

Deadly crashes raise concerns of limousine safety

They’re big, long and noticeable. It's okay to think limos would be safe. Catastrophic events have led some to think otherwise. One limousine accident in New York in 2015 claimed the lives of four women and led to serious injuries for four others when the limo was hit broadside after the driver decided to make a U-turn.

What is "substantial gainful activity"?

The Social Security Administration defines "disability" as the inability of a person to engage in substantial gainful activity because of a physical or mental condition that will last for at least 12 months or that will result in the individual's death. Whether a person suffers from a disabling mental or physical condition will often turn on the medical evidence that they have to support their case. The duration of their ailment may also be determined based on their prognosis and information available about their condition.

Equipment accidents on New York construction sites

Many different tools and pieces of equipment may be used when a New York construction project is started. From tiny nails and screws to massive cranes and trucks, the building materials, electrical machinery, and additional hardware that must be on hand to complete the project can be extensive. When equipment and tools are properly handled and individuals are trained to use them, many equipment accidents on construction sites can be avoided. However, not all accidents of this nature arise from operator mistakes.


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