On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Construction Accidents, Firm News

I’m proud and gratified to report that I have succeeded in negotiating over $3,300,000.00 in a personal injury/workers’ compensation lawsuit and settlement for one of my clients.

My client, a male construction work, was injured at work when a construction hole collapsed, and construction debris pinned him down. He suffered multiple injuries that have kept him totally disabled and not able to make a living for five years.

However, I was able to get him weekly workers’ compensation, and all his medical bills paid. Then, working with one of the city’s prominent personal injury attorneys, I was an instrumental part in a final settlement that tied together his personal injury and workers’ compensation cases into what is called a “Global Settlement.” This means that both the personal injury defendant and the workers’ compensation insurance company contributed to the overall money in his pocket.

An injury on the job is a terrible, life-changing event. But justice demands that an accident not bankrupt its victim. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries and their impact on your life. For more than 30 years it’s been my mission to help New York’s injured men and women get the justice they deserve.