Representation for victims of construction accidents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Construction Accidents

Humans have been erecting structures for thousands of years, and over time those structures have become sturdier and sounder. New Yorkers can often witness the painstaking care that goes into building a new shopping complex, office park, or residential high rise due to the massive number of construction projects that are always underway in the city. While they can watch new buildings go up from afar, most people cannot get close to structures that are being built.

That is because construction sites can be dangerous. Workers use powerful tools, heavy equipment, and hazardous materials to ensure that new structures are safe and strong. While workers are given the proper training and equipment they need to stay safe at construction sites, every year many are still hurt in serious construction accidents.

Construction accidents can involve falls or crushing incidents. They can involve electrocution, trench collapses, and run-overs. Construction accidents can leave workers with broken bones, internal injuries, and in some serious cases, life-threatening harm.

The Klein Law group recognizes the important work that construction workers do to keep our city and communities safe. For that reason, the firm offers construction workers who have been harmed in construction accidents legal services to better understand their rights to compensation. Construction accidents can cause personal injuries, and therefore personal injury theories of law may be used as the bases for claims for construction accident damages. Building a case for construction accident-based damages can involve complex legal theories and strategies, and the attorneys of the Klein Law Firm are prepared to work zealously for their clients to get them the justice they deserve.