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April 2019 Archives

Job burnout puts construction workers at risk

Burnout is a common problem in all job fields. Everyone from corporate executives to retail employees experiences exhaustion after long, grueling hours in the office. Unfortunately, burnout is especially dangerous for construction workers due to the physical demands of their positions.

Construction site injuries can be serious and diverse

In the last few months this New York-based personal injury and workers' compensation legal blog discussed the problem of falls on American construction sites. Falls are a serious threat to construction workers since they can suffer them in many different ways. Workers can fall from heights when they are not properly secured, from equipment when it moves, or even on flat ground when debris clutters their way and causes them to trip.

Report: Construction most fatal industry in New York

Construction work is a crucial part of our society. Workers put their livelihoods and lives on the line every day in effort to maintain or expand our infrastructure. Thanks to construction we can repair roads and bridges or build new schools. Unfortunately, this work comes with many risks for everyone on all jobsites.


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