Make good decisions after a personal injury accident

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Personal Injury

Not long ago, this blog discussed a proposed plan by the Social Security Administration to use social media to monitor the disabilities of program applicants and recipients. In essence, if the program was implemented the Social Security Administration could deny an applicant benefits if the organization found pictures or information on the applicant’s Facebook or Instagram feed that countered their application claims. This proposal is not currently in use, but its considerations should raise questions for everyone who uses social media in their daily life.

Individuals share an incredible amount of information through internet-based platforms. They may offer details about their jobs, pictures of their kids and pets, and funny memes that convey the absurdities of everyday life. Many people use social media to present their best selves and choose to leave off of their accounts any information that shows their struggles or vulnerabilities.

To this end, social media accounts may present skewed realities for those who use them, and this fact can be important when individuals become engaged in personal injury claims. When someone becomes hurt by the negligent actions of another individual, they may choose to sue them for their damages. However, if the victim posts images showing that they are not severely injured or in need of support, their claims may be cut short and their needs set aside.

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