Helping businesses through workers’ compensation claims

Learning of an employee’s on-the-job injury can be a stressful event for a New York small business owner. When an employee reports an injury, that event sets off a chain of actions that the owner must complete in order to ensure that the accident is documented and proper action is taken. In the end, the employer may be asked to review the employee’s claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation is an important system of financial support for individuals who suffer legitimate, work-related harm. However, not every claim that is filed is genuine and in some cases employers should not be required to use their workers’ compensation insurance to provide employees with support that is not justified.

When employees cause their own harm, or when their horseplay leads to them suffering injuries while at work, they may not be considered engaged in work-related activities and may therefore not be eligible for workers’ compensation support. Similarly, when a worker fails to report their injuries in a timely manner, it may not be possible to tie their harm back to work and avail workers’ compensation benefits.

It can benefit small business owners to have workers’ compensation defense attorneys review the claims that come from their employees. The Klein Law Group works in this capacity and supports the workers’ compensation needs of small businesses throughout the City of New York. More information about the firm, its accomplished attorneys, and its diverse practice areas may be found online through its website. Readers may start at its page on workers’ compensation small business defense for an overview of these important legal services.