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February 2019 Archives

Traumatic brain injuries from motor vehicle accidents

An injury to the brain can have serious repercussions on the way that a victim's body works and responds to stimuli. When a New York resident hits their head or suffers an impact to it in a motor vehicle accident, they can be left with a range of serious and complicated medical issues. These issues are the side effects of traumatic brain injuries, the topic of this informational post.

SBA: 10 steps to starting a small business

Many people have dreams of starting their own business. The freedom, flexibility and sense of ownership are all draws -- but it is important for entrepreneurs to know that starting a business is a serious undertaking. Following the proper steps is essential to build a successful business.

Helping businesses through workers' compensation claims

Learning of an employee's on-the-job injury can be a stressful event for a New York small business owner. When an employee reports an injury, that event sets off a chain of actions that the owner must complete in order to ensure that the accident is documented and proper action is taken. In the end, the employer may be asked to review the employee's claim for workers' compensation benefits.

The Klein Law Group honored by the esteemed NYCOSH

We are proud to announce that The Klein Law Group has been recognized by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) "for its unwavering support and commitment in fighting to extend and defend every person's right to a safe and healthy workplace."

What to do when a settlement offer arrives after an accident

In the wake of an auto accident, a New York resident may rightfully prioritize the management of their injuries and the improvement of their health. They may take time off from their jobs and seek the help of others to accomplish the tasks they are limited in performing due to their accident-related harm. Only after they have begun to heal may they consider the actions they may wish to take against the party or parties that caused them harm.

Staying safe while biking in the winter

As winter inches closer to spring, many New Yorkers are itching to hop back on their bikes. The weather is finally starting to turn. This may inspire some to drag the bike out of storage and brave the last of winter weather.


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