Falls are common causes of construction accident injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Construction Accidents

Construction workers possess great responsibilities. If they do not do their jobs well, the safety and security of New York residents could be threatened if the buildings, roads, and other structures they use are unsound or poorly built. As such, men and women who work in the construction industry work hard to ensure that the projects they complete are solid, safe, and secure.

While they are doing their best, though, many construction workers suffer injuries as they perform their work-related duties. Construction work can be dangerous, as sites can have heavy machinery, large materials, and loud equipment operating at all hours of the day. One of the most common types of accidents that can cause construction workers to suffer harm is falling.

Falls can happen from high elevations, such as from rooftops or scaffolding or from ground level accidents where workers stumble into basements and trenches. When workers fall they can suffer injuries to all parts of their bodies. In some serious cases, construction site falls can be deadly.

Outside of falls construction workers suffer harm when they are hit with objects at their construction sites, when they are crushed by machines and equipment, and when they are harmed in explosions or worksite fires. Construction accidents can happen in many different ways and workers who suffer harm from them should be aware that they may have rights to compensation based on their losses. In order to have one’s construction site accident and possible damages fully evaluated, an injured individual can contact a trusted personal injury attorney in their community to begin the process of initiating litigation.