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January 2019 Archives

$15 minimum wage becomes a reality for 1M New Yorkers

In December, New York City implemented a minimum wage increase that affects more than a million workers, including all fast food workers and more than 25,000 airport employees. The city's minimum wage for these workers increased by $2 per hour to $15 per hour, joining several other major cities where wages have already hit $15 per hour.

What does "disabled" mean for the purposes of securing benefits?

A disability may present itself at any point in a New York resident's life. They may be born into the world with an illness or injury that limits their capacity to learn, grow, or live independently. They may also suffer an accident or acquire an illness that robs them of the full functioning of their body or mind.

The ever-present risk of a crane accident

Working construction in New York means you probably can't avoid being around cranes. These massive machines lift and move construction materials that would otherwise remain immovable, making it possible for you and your co-workers to construct and renew monuments to progress and innovation.

Understanding your rights as a foreign worker

When English isn't your first language, there is a risk of miscommunication at all stages of a personal injury claim. Whether you're hurt at work or when walking down the street, you may say or do things that are misunderstood. You may not understand how to explain the issues you have or fully grasp what documentation you receive is telling you.

Falls are common causes of construction accident injuries

Construction workers possess great responsibilities. If they do not do their jobs well, the safety and security of New York residents could be threatened if the buildings, roads, and other structures they use are unsound or poorly built. As such, men and women who work in the construction industry work hard to ensure that the projects they complete are solid, safe, and secure.


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