Keeping New York workers safe during the cold winter months

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The winters in New York can be long and cold, and it can difficult for workers to do their jobs in these harsh weather conditions. From the wind chill to icy conditions, the winter months can pose many challenges to certain types of workers. Because of this, employers have a responsibility to provide employees with work conditions that are as safe as reasonably possible.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are certain precautions both workers and their bosses can take to avoid many types of accidents and injuries. If you work outside and could experience winter-weather challenges, you may need to know how to protect yourself. Additionally, you may need to know what to do in case you do experience injuries.

Safety measures during cold-weather months

Winter weather can be challenging and unpredictable. It may be impossible to remove every single hazard for men and women in certain types of jobs, but it is possible to increase awareness and safety. Employers should provide training on working in snow and ice, and workers should be cognizant of the potential dangers to themselves and others around them. Some appropriate precautions include:

  • If employees have to drive in the snow, they should receive training on how to do so safely. It is also beneficial to check all work vehicles to ensure systems are working properly.
  • Shoveling snow can take a toll on a person, and employees who have to do this should be able to take regular breaks and have access to water.
  • Employers should strive to clear walkways and sidewalks of ice and debris as soon as possible in order to prevent slip-and-fall accidents for workers.

These are just a few of the measures that New York employers and workers can take to lower the chance of an accident and preventable injuries. If you suffered harm while in the workplace or while doing your job, you could have a valid claim to workers’ compensation benefits.

Injured? You have rights. 

Even with a valid claim, it is not always easy to get workers’ compensation benefits. If you suffered physical harm, need time off work and require medical care to get better after an accident while working in winter conditions, you may find it beneficial to seek the experienced guidance of a workers’ compensation attorney. With guidance, you can pursue what you need to get better and move forward.