Injured on the job? Be careful what you post on social media.

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

After a serious injury on the job, many workers feel bored and isolated. Social media can be a gateway to the outside world. Social media has become so pervasive that we often post without a second thought. When you’re involved in a legal case, however, that can be dangerous.

We often forget that everything we post on social media can be dug up later by an employer, insurer or other interested party. No matter how tight your privacy settings are, what you post online may come back to haunt you.

How social media can help (or hinder) a claim

In some cases, social media can be very helpful for injured workers. A record of your activities around the time of the injury can help corroborate your story and support your claim.

At the same time, insurers and employers may scour your social media accounts for reasons to undermine your claim. For example, if you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits for a serious injury but post photos of yourself engaged in rigorous physical activity, travel or work, they may argue that you are not truly injured to an extent that qualifies you for benefits.

Proceed carefully and get the right help

It is always wise to post with caution, especially when you have a pending legal case. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can answer your questions and caution you about any activity that could compromise your claim for benefits.