Types of workers’ comp benefits

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Getting hurt on the job is a bad situation for everyone. As an injured employee you have to muddle through the pain of the injury, miss work for a potentially extended period and contend with medical bills. Your family may also feel the strain as a source of income is cut off and may even have to take work off to help you recover.

Most people know that if you are injured while doing your job, you are most likely able to receive financial support by applying for workers’ compensation. What many people do not realize is that workers’ comp does not solely cover medical bills. With the support of a professional there are many types of benefits you may be able to recover after a work accident.

What workers comp can provide

Each situation is different and there will always be a small amount of variability when you apply for workers’ compensation. These are, however, a few of the most valuable ways workers’ comp provides financial support:

  • Weekly wage replacement – Not working does not mean you can’t get paid. After being injured on the job, you can receive up to two-thirds of your weekly wages.
  • Medical reimbursement – If you file for workers’ comp within 30 days of your injury, then all the medical treatment you receive can be covered at no cost to you.
  • Payment for family caregivers – When your doctor prescribes that you need attendant care because you have lost the ability to perform basic tasks like bathing, eating or walking, a family member who misses work to help you may also have their wages compensated.
  • Total disability – If your work-related injuries remain after medical treatment, your disabilities may be judged to be permanent. Permanent disabilities barring you from work are eligible for considerable compensation.
  • Death benefits – Spouses, children and sometimes family members of workers who pass away after a work accident are also eligible for benefits. They may receive two-thirds of the worker’s wages and up to $6000 of their funeral costs.

People often assume that they can’t afford a lawyer and ultimately end up accepting a much less than they need. Remember that a good workers’ compensation attorney works on contingency, meaning they do not get paid unless you get paid.

Applying for workers’ compensation after you have been injured is one of the best ways you can advocate for yourself. You have rights as a hard-working employee, use them.