Important steps to take after a construction site injury

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Construction Accidents

The construction industry is an inherently dangerous environment for workers who choose to follow occupations within it. Certain types of accidents such as falls from scaffolding, crushing and machinery incidents, and others can afflict construction workers and leave them with serious and even life-threatening harm. Employers in New York and throughout the rest of the nation are required to follow certain regulations regarding safety at their construction sites, but despite these legislative and regulatory efforts individuals are still hurt while performing construction jobs.

When a worker suffers an injury at a construction site there are some important steps that they can take to protect their rights to make claims for the recovery of their damages. They should always seek medical assistance to help them diagnose and treat their accident-related ailments, which can range from minor bumps and bruises to serious physical trauma. A doctor can help a person mend their wounds and a construction accident victim can later use their medical records to demonstrate the harm they suffered.

Next, a construction worker should report their accident and injury to their employer. If an employer does not have notice of an on-the-job accident the worker may not have options for seeking compensation from them; this step is important for any worker who is hurt while performing any job for pay.

Finally, an individual who suffers injuries in a construction accident should preserve as much information about their accident as possible. They may do this by noting witnesses to their accident, recording details about what was happening when they were hurt, and taking pictures if possible of their accident site. Construction accident victims can also discuss their possible claims with personal injury attorneys who understand the specific complexities that can be involved in construction accident litigation.