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August 2018 Archives

Which New York employers need workers' comp coverage?

Many New York employers are required by state law to have workers' compensation insurance for their employees. Steep penalties exist for employers who do not have required workers' compensation coverage. This blog post will explore the topic of which New York employers must have this kind of insurance policy. A New York workers' compensation attorney should be consulted for further information.

Your rights to death benefits after a fatal construction accident

Living with a loved one who works in construction is nerve-wracking. Every day that they go to work, you don't know if they will end up hurt as a result of performing their job. It seems like just about every month, a New York construction site makes the news for some kind of catastrophe.

Yes, you have the right to appeal a denied NY workers' comp claim

A workplace injury can happen at any time, to people in just about any industry. Whether you work in manufacturing, construction, retail or information technology, there are risks you face every day on the job. Most people navigate their daily employment without any serious injuries or accidents. However, thousands of people suffer major injuries on the job every year in New York.

3 ways to avoid coming down the hard way

If you work in the construction industry in New York, you probably know just how dangerous your job is. It may even seem like you hear about another crane or scaffolding accident almost every day. You may even know someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury while working on a construction site.

What is behind long wait times for SSD hearings in NYC?

When a person is knocked out of the workforce by a disability, he or she can be dealing with a lot of financial stress. So, the last thing he or she may want to face when pursuing the monetary relief of Social Security disability benefits is a significant delay. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many Social Security disability applicants here in the New York City area face.

Common mistakes by teen drivers

Experience is one of the biggest reasons people become good drivers. Unfortunately, there is really no way for young drivers to get that experience other than getting out on the road, making mistakes and learning from them. That's one of the reasons that teen drivers often have high accident rates.


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