Help! Social Security wants to cut my disability benefits!

On Behalf of | May 21, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Sometimes, the Social Security Disability Administration will try to cut your benefits under a “Continuing Disability Review,” or “CDR.” If this happens, all is far from lost. You can elect to fight a decision to cut your benefits. You can also elect to keep getting benefits while the administration conducts its review-but act fast, because you only have a few days to file for continuing benefits after your notice of termination. You will have to decide whether to collect benefits during the review, because if you lose your appeal, you will owe back all benefits you received during the process of review.

But do not be intimidated by a Continuing Disability Review. Instead, do everything you can to present a very detailed and thoroughly documented argument why you remain totally disabled for gainful employment, and why a review in your case is not appropriate.