Construction worker machinery death highlights work risks

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Construction Accidents

Most people accept that construction is a relatively dangerous career path. There are certainly many potential risk factors that construction workers must face on a daily basis. They may need to climb ladders or work on top of scaffolding. Falls are a common source of injury and even of fatalities. They also work around a lot of moving objects, including heavy machinery and supplies. The tools of the trade can also pose a risk, from physical injury caused by a malfunction to crushing injuries.

Although New York has many laws in place to protect construction workers, accidents still happen. That can leave individual workers unable to earn a wage as they recover or leave a family without a loved one in the wake of a fatal accident. Workers’ compensation offers protection for construction workers and their families when accidents do happen on the work site.

Machinery accident claimed the life of a worker in Binghamton

Tuesday, May 8, was a tragic day for one family in Binghamton. A 56-year-old male construction worker who ran his own business out of the family home died in a tragic accident. As part of running his own construction company, the victim often managed many aspects of the business. This included loading machinery for projects and contracts.

At the time of the accident, investigators believe he was loading a skid-steer onto a trailer. Sadly, something happened that resulted in the worker getting caught between the trailer and the heavy piece of machinery. He eventually died at the scene as a result of the substantial injuries he suffered.

Crushing accidents are a common cause of fatalities

Sadly, working in close proximity to massive machines creates a lot of environmental risk for construction workers. In fact, this kind of accident is one of the four most common sources of fatal accidents in construction, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Approximately 7.3 percent of construction deaths are the result of a caught-in or caught-between accident.

These accidents occur when a worker ends up trapped inside a machine or in between two objects or under a collapsing structure or piece of equipment. While some of these caught-between accidents may be prevented with more careful safety precautions, others result from unpredictable changes. The tragic death in Binghamton showcases the daily risks that construction workers face.

Thankfully, many families have the security of workers’ compensation available in the wake of a workplace accident or injury. The benefits offered by New York workers’ compensation include medical coverage, partial replacement of wages during temporary or permanent disability, and even retraining benefits for those who can no longer return to the same line of work. For those who lose a loved one on the job, benefits may cover funeral costs and replace some of the deceased’s wages.