Back or neck pain and your Social Security disability case

On Behalf of | May 21, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Few medical problems are more painful and disabling than a disease or injury to your lumbosacral spine (BACK) or your cervical spine (NECK). Social Security Disability benefits are there for you if your back or neck condition makes you disabled from performing even light-duty, or sedentary, jobs.

You will need to provide the judge with evidence of your disabling back or neck condition. That includes X-rays, CAT-Scans, MRIs, etc. Also, if you have had surgery, for instance, fusion surgery, laminectomy, discectomy, etc., then you must include in your case file operative reports, as well as reports documenting whether you had difficulties with post-surgery rehabilitation. In addition, if your surgery did not work, and you suffer from failed back syndrome, it will be important to produce a doctor’s report stating so.

Once you have submitted all your medical reports and test results, you must then show the judge how your pain and physical limitations keep you from being able to perform the kind of physical actions required in the work force. Remember, many people have pain in their back and/or neck, but they are still able to work, even if they suffer pain. You must show that your pain and limitations are causing you to be incapable of performing work activities.