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May 2018 Archives

The serious nature of lacerations in the workplace

A laceration is a cut, but it's much more than a simple, small injury that can heal on its own. Many lacerations are deep enough to require stitches and potentially surgery to close the wound. Depending on how it was caused, a laceration may have a high risk of infection, which makes it even more complicated.


Three years ago, Tom Dooley (not his real name) had his life turned upside-down when he fell from a ladder, suffering multiple painful and debilitating injuries.

Injured workers have the right to reasonable work accommodations

No one shows up to work hoping to suffer a serious injury, but workers still get hurt every day in New York and across the country. Sometimes, those injuries are relatively minor and only require a day or two for recovery. Other times, an injury can result in temporary or permanently disability. You may no longer be able to stand for long times, lift much weight or perform other tasks that are critical to your job function.

Back or neck pain and your Social Security disability case

Few medical problems are more painful and disabling than a disease or injury to your lumbosacral spine (BACK) or your cervical spine (NECK). Social Security Disability benefits are there for you if your back or neck condition makes you disabled from performing even light-duty, or sedentary, jobs.

Help! Social Security wants to cut my disability benefits!

Sometimes, the Social Security Disability Administration will try to cut your benefits under a "Continuing Disability Review," or "CDR." If this happens, all is far from lost. You can elect to fight a decision to cut your benefits. You can also elect to keep getting benefits while the administration conducts its review-but act fast, because you only have a few days to file for continuing benefits after your notice of termination. You will have to decide whether to collect benefits during the review, because if you lose your appeal, you will owe back all benefits you received during the process of review.

Construction worker machinery death highlights work risks

Most people accept that construction is a relatively dangerous career path. There are certainly many potential risk factors that construction workers must face on a daily basis. They may need to climb ladders or work on top of scaffolding. Falls are a common source of injury and even of fatalities. They also work around a lot of moving objects, including heavy machinery and supplies. The tools of the trade can also pose a risk, from physical injury caused by a malfunction to crushing injuries.


We have a zero-tolerance approach to employers who refuse to pay the legal minimum wage, or who don't pay proper overtime wages, or who bully or take advantage in any way of New York's working men and women when it comes to wages, overtime, tipped wage credits for restaurant workers. I'm very proud and gratified to report our recent victories:


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