Is your work making you sick? You could have a claim to benefits.

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When your New York job takes a toll on your health either because of an injury from a work accident or because of an occupational illness, it can have a direct impact on your financial health as well. Many people do not understand that when work is the reason for their illness, they have the same right to compensation as those who suffer from workplace injuries.

If your work is making you sick, you could have valid grounds to pursue financial support through a workers’ compensation claim. These benefits are not always easy to get, even with a valid claim. Before you complete your paperwork or initiate a claim, it may be beneficial to seek a complete understanding of your legal options and what to expect from the claims process.

Common occupational illnesses

There are various ways your work could make you sick. From toxic exposure to conditions that aggravate medical concerns you already have, sick workers may need medical care, time off from work and more. Some of the most common occupational illnesses include:

  • Issues related to poisoning, such as those caused by mercury, lead and other substances that can cause serious health concerns
  • Hearing loss because of exposure to loud machinery and equipment over long periods of time
  • Respiratory illnesses that result from exposure to things such as toxic dust and fumes, causing asthma, asbestosis and more
  • Other illnesses caused by exposure to dangerous work environments, substances, temperatures and anything else that can cause sickness

When your work impacts your health, you do not have to suffer in silence and assume it is just part of the job. You have the right to seek help through a workers’ compensation claim for your medical needs, recovery of a portion of your lost wages and even help finding a new job, if necessary.

Your quick action is important

If you learned you are suffering from an occupational illness, you may find it beneficial to seek help as soon as possible regarding a potential claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Your quick action can help you avoid unnecessary delays and help you get the support you need faster.

The claims process is tricky, but you can seek help regarding your claim. From the initial paperwork to any appeals that may be necessary, you can have support and guidance every step of the way. An occupational illness can have a serious impact on your life, but you may find that these benefits allow you to get the help you need.