Do you know how to treat a neck sprain?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Work Injuries

Depending on your profession, it’s possible that you put a lot of strain on your body day after day. While you’re okay with this, you never want to think about suffering an injury that could put you on the shelf for an extended period of time.

Any back or neck injury is serious, as these can be a challenge to overcome. Even a seemingly minor injury, such as a neck sprain, can hold you back for many weeks or longer.

If you suffer a neck sprain on the job, the first thing you need to do is receive medical treatment. This will help you better understand your injury, what type of treatment is best and the steps to take in the days and weeks to follow.

There are many ways to treat a neck sprain, including:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Heat and ice
  • Changing the way you sleep
  • Getting enough rest

While some people are able to work through their pain, others come to find that a neck sprain is stopping them from doing their job. For example, if you work as a mover, you may not be able to lift your normal load when dealing with this injury.

If your injury is stopping you from doing your job, learn more about the workers’ compensation system and whether or not you can file a claim. In the event that you’re unable to work as a result of your injury, you may qualify to receive benefits. This money can help you financially as you recover, all with hopes of quickly returning to work.

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