What happens after you file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits and you are not immediately granted the benefits you deserve based on your doctor’s reports?

Sometimes, the Social Security Disability administration will send you to a medical consultant.  This can be a good sign, as the result of the examining consultant doctor might make the difference in your receiving the benefits you deserve.  However, never rely on just that medical consultant’s report. That doctor does not work for you, and might possibly have a bias against workers claiming total disability. You should make sure that you are being treated by your own doctors, who are writing and filing good and thorough reports documenting your total disability.

When you report to your examination with the social security disability consultant doctor, make sure to bring your medical records with you. Do not try to convince the doctor of your pain or disability–just answer all questions truthfully.

In this way, you can expect that the Social Security Disability medical consultant will write a truthful report that will be helpful in making a final determination–and that justice will be done and you will receive the benefits you deserve.