On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | Overtime Pay, Wage Theft, Wages & Hours

A working man or woman in New York who puts in an honest day’s work expects and deserves an honest–and legal–day’s pay.  It’s unforgiveable when employers fail–or outright refuse–to pay at least the legal minimum wage, or overtime, or who abuse break time and other workers’ rights.  We fight against this illegal and immoral behaviour, and we don’t let our defendants off the hook until we have satisfaction for our clients. 

ONE HUNDRED & EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for a group of workers whose employer tried to cheat them out of legal overtime pay by misclassifying them.

THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for falsely classifying two construction workers as independent contractors. Their boss and also refused them overtime pay.   

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of unpaid backpay for a restaurant worker who was paid straight time instead of overtime.