A family-owned bodega in the Bronx contacted me because they had a very serious and complicated workers’ compensation no-insurance employer’s penalty that they could not afford to pay.

The problem was that, not only did this small business owner in a good faith mistake not have workers’ compensation insurance–but his bodega had previously been shut down the board with a Stop Work Order.

Nevertheless, and despite these problems, I was able to negotiate with the state a savings to my client of nearly thirty-thousand dollars. 

As the owner of a small business, I understand very well the pressures of competing in one of the thoughest markets in the world.  My small business and family business clients with workers’ compensation no-insurance penalties are all good people who have either made a good faith mistake, or have been harmed by negligent insurance brokers or payroll companies.

It gives me great satisfaction to fight for New York’s small businessmen and women with workers’ compensation penalties.