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January 2018 Archives

Support for workers who experienced occupational hearing loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common occupational hazards that New York workers may face. Long-term exposure to loud noises can lead to the eventual loss of some or all of your hearing. Despite the fact that it is one of the most common occupational hazards, many people do not understand that if they experience this, they could qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Disorganization and chemicals can pose work-related safety risks

Workplace injuries present a serious threat to many people. Even if you believe you work in a relatively safe environment, you may only have this belief because you have not recognized potential risks at your worksite. Unfortunately, overlooking potential hazards or having an employer who does not provide proper safety equipment and training could result in a serious accident.

What is the best treatment of a fracture to the spine?

There is nothing good about suffering a back or neck injury, as this has the potential to cause you trouble for the rest of your life. While there are a variety of treatment options available, there is no guarantee that you'll feel as good as you did before your injury.

The importance of PPE for construction workers

It seems as if construction is always going on somewhere in New York City. Scaffoldings dot the landscape in nearly every borough at any given time. If you are among the thousands of construction workers spending their days at these and other sites, you know that your job comes with risks.

I have an autoimmune disease. Am I eligible for disability?

Your New York family's well-being is dependent upon your ability to work and earn a living. A medical condition can threaten this ability, even a condition that you may not be able to see. Autoimmune diseases are illnesses that are invisible to most people, yet they can be debilitating, even affecting your physical capabilities.


The New York Post reports on a proposal that is one of the lowest, most egregious, and even vile things we've seen in more than thirty years fighting for the rights of working men and women in New York.  This is an attempt--that we have to believe must fail--to put a strictly limited money value on the lives of workers injured and killed on construction, asbestos removal, demolition and scaffold work sites. Another way to understand this proposal, is that it would encourage contractors to play fast and loose with safety precautions. Every New Yorker must fight this proposal and the people who so cheaply value the lives of our construction workers.   


As this New York Post article will show, construction, demolition, and scaffold workers continue to be forced to work in unsafe conditions for illegally low wages.  New York's men and women in construction risk their lives and health on behalf of the city's economy, and deserve a lot better. There are too many scaffold accidents, construction hole collapses--too many broken and fractured backs and knees and shoulders. Too many deaths. It's time for New York to come to the aid of our construction, demolition, asbestos removal, and scaffold workers!


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