I am very proud to report that I have recently had two more successes in defending uninsured employers against workers’ compensation penalties. The first uninsured employer owns a small deli, and in all innocence and good faith neglected to buy a workers’ compensation insurance policy.  I succeeded in having his penalty COMPLETELY RESCINDED.

The second employer is the owner of a construction company. Not only has he been hit with a penalty for not having workers’ compensation insurance, but someone alleging to be his employer also alleged to have had an accident while working for my client. Even though I am still fighting against the invalid accident claim (and I believe I will win!), I have succeeded in having the penalty COMPLETELY RESCINDED.

It is challenging enough trying to run a business in New York–one of the most competitive cities in the world! You don’t need to be burdened with state penalties that make running your business all the more difficult–and you certainly deserve your share of justice! It’s a privilege defending business owners against unwarranted penalties.