On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Overtime Pay, Wage Theft, Wages & Hours

Darren Rumack, our Partner in charge of fighting wage theft, unpaid overtime, and unpaid wages cases, has scored another success!

Carlos, our client, worked as a porter and maintenance worker in several buildings throughout the city. His employer was a large property manager. Carlos was paid his regular wages, but when Carlos worked overtime, his employer refused to pay him any overtime wages for his overtime hours.

Fortunately, when Darren Rumack phoned the employer to explain why he would be wasting his valuable resources in fighting our claim in court, the employer saw that Darren was correct and agreed to settle the case and pay Carlos his due-and-owing overtime wages.

No hardworking man or woman should be cheated out of his lawful wage-and-hour rights, and his legally-mandated overtime. But when that happens, we are grateful for the privilege of fighting for the rights of our clients against wage theft in New York.