Getting back to work after a workplace accident

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A work accident can have a serious and long-term impact your life. It is not easy to recover and get back to work, but with medical care and time off work, you may be able to eventually return to work. In fact, one of the main purposes of workers’ compensation benefits is to help a worker get better so that he or she can return to the workforce.

If you are preparing to get back to your New York job after a work accident, there are important things to know to help you protect your interests. Getting back to work could mean that you will have more income, get promotions and meet other career-related goals. However, you may have several questions about how this process will work for you.

Common return-to-work issues

Getting hurt is frustrating, and while workers’ compensation benefits can be very helpful for you and your family, the amount of these payments will never reach the full amount of your paycheck. You want and need to get back to work, but it can be useful to first understand the following about return-to-work issues:

  • It is possible that your workers’ compensation benefits could continue after you return to work if you will now be earning reduced wages.
  • Your return to work does not mean that you cannot continue to receive needed medical care.
  • It is important to inform the appropriate parties, such as your employer and the Workers’ Compensation Board, about your plans to return to work.
  • Even after returning to work, you could get workers’ compensation benefits for days that your injury prevents you from working.

Knowing your rights as an injured worker is a key component in protecting your interests as you recover from your work injury and make plans to get back to work.

The help you need

You may need support and guidance throughout the entire workers’ compensation process. From securing the full amount of benefits that you need to navigating issues that present themselves in your attempt to get back to work, you do not have to walk through any of it on your own.

You have the right to answers, support and guidance, all the way from your initial injury to your return to the workplace. If you have questions, concerns or are facing a violation of your rights, you would be wise to take quick action to protect yourself and your right to recovery.