Does a chronic pain condition make you eligible for disability?

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There are times that a person may find that the damage caused by an injury is extensive enough to affect his or her ability to work. Sometimes, the extent of an injury is not truly apparent until weeks or months after the initial accident, yet the effects can still be quite serious.

Complex regional pain syndrome is a medical condition that develops after an injury. While medical professionals still do not know a lot about what exactly causes this issue, it is likely related to nerve damage. CRPS can be painful, debilitating, and eventually, it can prevent a person from holding gainful employment.

How does CRPS impact your ability to work?

No one knows why CRPS affects one person and not another; however, serious cases can change a New York worker’s ability to work the same job that he or she used to work before.

After an accident or injury that left you injured, you may find that your pain does not subside with medication and treatment. In addition to prolonged and extreme pain, you may find that the following symptoms could begin to influence your capabilities to do your job:

  • Stiffness in the affected joints
  • Problems with muscle movement and coordination
  • Abnormal posturing or movements, such as jerking of the limbs

These symptoms are just a few of the ones that you may experience with CRPS, in addition to your continued pain. Even with treatment, managing the symptoms and pain levels may not be enough to allow you to work or hold the same job duties.

Triggers for CRPS can include minor injuries, such as sprains or strains, but often, it comes after experiencing a major traumatic event, such as a broken bone or serious accident. While CRPS is often misunderstood, it is a legitimate medical condition with genuine effects on people who suffer from it.

Your rights if you can’t work

Any time a medical condition precludes you from holding gainful employment, you have the right to seek help regarding potential financial support. You may be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, but you would be wise not to navigate the claims process on your own.

Not everyone is eligible, and it can be useful to know how eligibility requirements work. If you believe that you could have a rightful claim to this type of financial support, it is prudent to first seek a complete evaluation of your case before you move forward.