Did your boss take the right steps to put up that crane?

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Working construction puts you in any number of precarious positions, and many of them are at heights that would make most people dizzy. One of those places is atop a crane. When you go up into the crane, you have to trust that your employer ensured that it is set up properly and has gone through the appropriate checks and balances required here in New York City.

These procedures help ensure not only your safety, but also the safety of those who may come across the crane. Much of the responsibility for your life is in the hands of the Engineer of Record. This individual goes through the application process with the city that includes third-party certifications, which the city requires to legally use the crane. 

The third-party certification

A third-party certification from the EOR, owner and inspector must provide certification letters attesting to the following:

  • They review all documentation on the crane relating to testing, repairs and inspections of the crane in question.
  • They provide documentation that all of the structural, electrical, control and mechanical components of the crane underwent non-destructive testing and a complete inspection. 
  • They thoroughly reviewed the installation, maintenance and operation manuals for the crane in order to gain an comprehensive understanding of the functions, services, inspection and components of the crane.

Each letter must include all information that identifies the job and the crane itself. In addition, the EOR, owner and inspector must each provide certain types of documentation with their individual letters. There may also be special requirements depending on the crane and associated equipment used.

Injuries still happen

Even when the EOR, owner and inspector take the appropriate steps and submit the certification letters in accordance with the above, injuries still happen. In fact, there seems to have been a rise in injuries associated with cranes of late. Part of the problem is that some employers are not following the rules, regulations and laws regarding the setup and use of cranes here in the city.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who suffered injuries while working a construction job involving a crane, you may seek workers’ compensation benefits to help with your medical and medical-related expenses and lost income. Depending on your injuries, you may also be entitled to other benefits.

Know your rights

Some employers are attempting to “pay off” their workers so that they won’t report their injuries and apply for workers’ compensation benefits. The money may seem like a windfall in that moment, but months down the road, that money could be long gone and you remain responsible for additional expenses. You may continue to lose income as well.

Instead of accepting money from your employer in lieu of applying for workers’ compensation benefits, you would more than likely benefit from sitting down with an attorney first. He or she can explain your rights to you and help you protect them. Knowing all of the options available to you after an injury may put your mind at ease and prevent you from suffering financially as you recover.