My heart goes out to these workers and their families–but make no mistake, if there were safety violations at this construction site involving the scaffolding, or any other workplace safety violation, the contractor responsible should find no sympathy at all either in the courts or the hearts of our fellow New Yorkers.

These first hours after a construction accident are vital, both to the health of the injured worker and to the securing of evidence and statements that will protect the worker in his fight for ultimate justice.

Workers’ compensation is the first remedy in an accident involving a construction site, scaffolding, or demolition. But statements made to secure workers’ compensation benefits might be used by the defense in the injured workers personal injury case. That is one reason why it is crucial to properly coordinate workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.

If God forbid an injury keeps you out for a year or more, in many cases Social Security Disability is the second remedy, while your personal injury case is pending.

I cannot overstate the importace of the cooordination of claims, both at the beginning, and at the time of settlement.

For now, my thoughts and prayers are with these workers and their families.