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October 2017 Archives

Does a chronic pain condition make you eligible for disability?

There are times that a person may find that the damage caused by an injury is extensive enough to affect his or her ability to work. Sometimes, the extent of an injury is not truly apparent until weeks or months after the initial accident, yet the effects can still be quite serious.


I am very gratified to announce that I and my firm have been named as a "10 BEST LAW FIRM" by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys for 2017 - 2018. This is quite an honor!

Did your boss take the right steps to put up that crane?

Working construction puts you in any number of precarious positions, and many of them are at heights that would make most people dizzy. One of those places is atop a crane. When you go up into the crane, you have to trust that your employer ensured that it is set up properly and has gone through the appropriate checks and balances required here in New York City.


I am sharing this article which is of importance to all New Yorkers, but especially to my clients and friends who are construction workers, and who work with scaffolds, and doing asbestos removal, and doing demolition. As the article states, workplace accidents keep rising. That is terrible and it must be stopped! New York's business owners, politicians, and community leaders must get together to make New York a Zero Workplace Accident state!


As the owner of a small business, it gives me great satisfaction to fight for contractors and other small businesses who face burdensome, and even overwhelming, workers' compensation penalties for not having insurance--penalties the state hits you with even though in my experience you are so often innocent of any deliberate wrongdoing. That is why I take the time to share with you articles that you may find of use. I hope you find the article helpful, and of course, I'm always here to discuss your workers' compensation penalty.

Getting back to work after a workplace accident

A work accident can have a serious and long-term impact your life. It is not easy to recover and get back to work, but with medical care and time off work, you may be able to eventually return to work. In fact, one of the main purposes of workers' compensation benefits is to help a worker get better so that he or she can return to the workforce. 

Important Article on Construction Demolition Scaffold Safety

Quiero compartir con mis clientes que trabajan en construcción, demolición y remoción de asbesto, y con mis amigos, este excelente artículo de Gary LaBarbera, Presidente del Concilio de Oficios de Edificios y Construcción. Dicen que no tenemos un regalo más grande que nuestra salud - es importante mantener presión sobre los políticos de Nueva York para que continúen a efectuar un estado de Cero-Accidente en Nueva York.


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